Upright​/​Foreseen split 7"

by Upright

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released February 1, 2011



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Upright Finland

Hardcore band from the cold north, Jyväskylä, Finland.

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Track Name: Recognize The Real
bullshit is everywhere
i'm in trouble and you don't fuckin' care
i've gotta try to recognize the evil in this place
gotta escape from this godforsaken hole

face down, in the ground
fuck it, i won't be bound
it's time to recognize the real in this place
gotta escape from this filth filled town

i did what i was told, but not anymore
fuck this, i won't be sold
Track Name: The Devil
i won't listen to your advice
why won't you let me live my life in peace?
you're like a disease
i want the truth and the true, motherfucker.

you're not perfect

but still you dare demand perfection
i don't want you near me
i don't want you here
go away from my sight
Track Name: Better Days
I want to isolate myself from the world
Go far as I can, run for my life
Too much shit thrown in my face

Too much pressure, I can't take much more
No more power to go on, just got to wait
For the better days to come

I'll tell you something
You know nothing
Dying for you
Living for me